Advanced threats use specific tactics, techniques and procedures to compromise public and private sector organisations. The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has developed a list of strategies to mitigate these threats, and to protect Australian data and infrastructure.

As of April 2013, the Top 4 strategies were considered mandatory for all Australian Government Agencies. In February 2017, ASD expanded the Top 4 to an “Essential Eight“.

The Essential Eight strategies are:

  1. application whitelisting
  2. application patching
  3. disabling untrusted Microsoft Office macros
  4. blocking web browser access to Flash, Java, and internet advertising
  5. restricting administrative privileges
  6. operating system patching
  7. multi-factor authentication
  8. daily backups of important data.

Foresight has extensive experience in implementing ASD’s recommended strategies in organisations of all sizes. As well as implementation, Foresight can perform assessments to gauge an organisation’s adoption via our Top 4 Maturity Model methodology and, where appropriate, recommend activities to increase both compliance and to reduce overall organisational security risk.

For more information on how Foresight’s services can benefit your organisation, please contact us at [email protected].