Foresight is proud to announce the availability of the Top 4 Mitigation Strategies Maturity Model (T4MM). Having worked closely with a number of organisations either to proactively prevent data breaches or post data breach, we are well aware of the effectiveness of ASD’s Top 35 Mitigation Strategies to prevent targeted intrusions.

One question we are regularly asked when implementing these mitigation strategies is “how do we need to implement these strategies to ensure they are effective?” The T4MM is our attempt at answering this. We have focused on the Top 4 strategies, considered essential by ASD:

  • application whitelisting

  • application patching

  • operating system patching

  • minimisation of administrative privileges

ASD Top 4

In addition to obtaining a higher level of compliance, Government agencies and industry can significantly improve their security posture by implementing these Top 4 Mitigation Strategies

If you are unfamiliar with the Strategies to Mitigate Targeted Cyber Intrusions, take a look at the following: ASD Strategies to Mitigate Targeted Cyber Intrusions

The T4MM is available here. The T4MM was last updated on 29 June 2014.

The following script can also assist in exporting hash files from GFI Sandbox and format them appropriately. Right click here to save it.

We welcome any feedback you may have on the T4MM. Feel free to contact us using [email protected]

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