Foresight is a specialist cyber security consultancy. We believe we have a unique perspective driven from our real-world experience working with Australian Government agencies to solve their cyber security problems. Additionally our consultants have worked with some of the largest organisations in Australia and the world to assist them in securing their ICT environments.

Foresight is a proudly 100% Australian owned and run company.

Why choose us?


One of Foresight’s key differentiators is the direct experience our organisation has with both local and global organisations. Our consultants have worked for and with law enforcement, utilities, financial institutions, telcos, multinationals and retailers. We have also worked extensively with Australian Government agencies in assessing large and highly complex systems and implementing the latest and most effective strategies to prevent compromise of ICT environments. Foresight consultants have delivered a variety of information security projects, ranging from small scale through to large and highly complex solutions.


We love to work with organisations that value their information and want to protect it. We listen to our customers, work with them and see projects through to completion. Foresight uses a business-driven approach with up to the minute expertise in the tools, tactics and processes used to prevent system compromises. Our core aim is to provide solutions to our client’s security problems.


We understand how complex an enterprise environment can be, having had hands-on experience with a number of large organisations. We aim to always offer practical advice that can meet compliance and security obligations while still allowing companies to conduct their business. Foresight will only recommend security solutions that are appropriate to the needs of our customers. We provide unbiased, independent information security advice to organisations and are considered a trusted advisor to a number of companies, big and small.